Family Caregivers Support Network

Helping You Help Others

The Family Caregiver Support Network (FCSN), a program in the metropolitan-Milwaukee area, Wisconsin, offers personal support and information for family caregivers of older adults. FCSN is part of the National Family Caregiver Support Program established by federal Older Americans Act legislation in 2000.

FCSN provides family caregivers with information and options. Information helps caregivers define their personal and older adult concerns. Options help caregivers deal with current and prepare for possible future needs. Informed caregivers can make better choices for themselves and older adults they care about.

This web site provides general caregiver information. Also, through the Caregiver Talk section, caregivers may offer support and provide informational tips to each other. For specific information about Milwaukee-area caregiver services and older adult care and living options, call FCSN. Or, email FCSN through the Ask Us section.

You Are A Caregiver If
• You are a spouse, adult child, other relative or friend who helps, cares for
or is concerned about an older adult;
• Because of family caregiving duties, you may be stressed out, feeling guilty or concerned about how you are going to handle future caregiving needs.

FCSN offers comprehensive, unbiased information about caregiver support services and older adult care and living options that can help you – the family caregiver – and the older person you care about. All FCSN services are free.

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