Understanding Family Roles in Caregiving and How to Deal With the Stress of It All

this image shows a caregiver providing support for the elderly

Family Roles with Elderly Care

As a family member, you are the primary caregivers that are expected to come to an elderly relative’s aid the moment that they need it. Here are some of the most important things that you ought to do as part of your duties.

Provide Support

Just like a professional caregiver, you will be expected to provide support, both physical and emotional, to the patient and your fellow family members in this time of great stress. This holds true more so if the patient starts to lose his or her own autonomy due to age or disease.

Just like a professional caregiver, you would also be expected to run errands and do the household chores at the same time. The clincher? You are expected to do this all without compensation… for the love of the family and the old patient as they say. Don’t be surprised, this is a very dutiful job, and very honorable. I worked as a hair transplant caregiver prior to my job as an elderly home caregiver and both are fulfilling, but there is something to caring for the generation before that is awesome. …

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