Caregiving 101: What Are They Expected To Do?

caregiving 101 expectations

If you would like to understand the caregiving more as a preparation for, read this article first. We will give you some important bits of information regarding caregiving. As an industry, you should expect if you decide to embark on this journey whether in your own country or abroad.

Caregiving Defined

Caregiving is the act or profession of looking after and caring for patients; particularly senior citizens, children or the handicapped. You become a professional caregiver if you have the proper licenses as well as the training for it. However, one can ask what does the job entail exactly? What would you have to do as a caregiver to various patients and clients?

Listed below are some of the answers:

The Job Description

If you would like to embark on caregiving as a fulltime career, you are expected to do the following tasks without delay.

Tasks of Caregivers


You will have to spend time with your clients and with their family at a minimum of 8 hours a day. Some patients record 24-hour care so you need to prepare to stay in the patient’s home or medical care facility. This will allow you to provide assistance whenever necessary.

Meal Preparation

As a caregiver, you would also be in charge of preparing your patients’ meals. To do this, you ought to coordinate with your patient’s official dietitian and household staff regarding any special food prescriptions that he needs to take.

If he has any restrictions when it comes to his diet, you are expected to share the information with the one who prepares his food. If you can cook, it would be best if you do the task yourself to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the food being served.

this image shows one of the tasks caregiving requires


You also should do some light housekeeping duties as a caregiver. If possible you ought to be the one to clean up after your patient. Make the bed, assist him when taking a bath or relieving himself in the toilet and maintaining the cleanliness of the patient’s room among many other menial tasks. 

Administering the Medication

Professionally trained caregivers are also the ones to administer medication to the patient whenever necessary. This is in conjunction with his or her doctor of course. This is the reason why having a medical degree is an advantage when it comes to being a caregiver.


Aside from those already mentioned, you are also expected to run errands from time to time. It is because of these special needs that you need to be extremely attentive to your patient. Caregivers are there to provide support not only to the patient themselves but also to the family members as well.

If you want to be the best caregiver, you ought to take note of these pointers.